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In theory, skin stem cells can regenerate for life, but their quality decreases with age. You become older and your skin shows obvious signs: it looses transparency, wrinkles become deeper, it thickens and the subcutaneous supply worsens. The skin looks tired, dull, uneven and blotchy.

Skin pigmentation and uneven skin tone is due to excessive exposure to sunlight and sometimes hormone changes. 

Your face deserves our meticulous attention and care. We offer both customized intensive facial treatment and essential routine facial skincare services for women with various skin types.

Whether you are a busy executive who always travel, a working mum who needs to balance career and kids, or just someone who is active in a lot of outdoor activities, our facial services compliment each other and are designed to pamper every inch of your skin and help your skin to achieve and maintain optimum complexion.

Anti-Age Skin Rejuvenation:  Age spot, formation of wrinkles and fine lines appearing on skin contributes to skin aging, with the innovative anti-aging line with modern high-tech-ingredients provides moisture and supports the skin’s own repair-system.

Enzyme Peel Cellular Skin Renewal: Peeling stimulates the regeneration of the skin from the depth layers and accelerates the superficial damaged parts Skin. This facial service is especially suitable for customers who wish to remove dead cells, resurface your skin and increasing oxygenation to the cells to generate new skin cell. Return to the skin’s natural balance.

Collagen Recovery Therapy: As collagen gets depleted, skin begin to weaken, getting thinner, less supple and prone to many other skin problems. This facial service is especially suitable for customers who wish to stimulate cell renewal giving the skin its strength, durability and improve skin elasticity. Reproducing its radiance glow.

Anti-Blemish Purifying Resolution: Many factors such as stress at work causes acnes and pimples. Many at times too much sebum, and dead skin cells get trapped in your pores, a ‘spot’ will form on the face resulting to white and blackheads. This is also causing the skin an oily and greasy appearance. This facial service is especially suitable for customers who wish to prevent new spots forming and inflammation. And the essential components to keep the skin healthy.

Other facial services include: Eye Bag, Dark Circles, Eye Lift, Soothing Acne and Anti-Wrinkle Neck Therapies.

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